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The founder of the Way of Heaven. The modern version of the ancient system of the L’nu people. His interest lies in finding the common string in all things and how to use it to bring about a reality that has haunted him throughout his entire lifetime.

Latest and, hopefully, the final disseminator of the valuable hidden knowledge of the pre-colonial True Human Beings.

The knowledge presented in this course is the path of the Ancient L’nu (True Humans*) who have continuously inhabited Nova Scotia for tens of thousands of years. This path shows that this reality is overlaid by other realms that coexist with our own, and this course teaches you how you can interact with them yourself, and see that humans are not limited to the earthly realm of our birth.

To teach this openly permission was granted by the Chief, key Members of the Grand Council, and certain Tribal Elders.

Educational Background

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Bachelor of Science

• Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine (Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Santa Monica, California;

• Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine (Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine - graduate Summa Cum Laude), Santa Monica, California;

• Diploma of Administration, Advertising, Durham College, Ontario;

• Bachelor of Science, Psychology, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia;

Professional Experience

• Acupuncture Fellow at Good Samaritan Hospital's Acute Rehabilitation Department in Los Angeles, California;

• Pain Management Doctoral Clinic at Emperor's College in Santa Monica, California;

• Externship at Los Angeles Free Clinic in Los Angeles, California;

• Certified Personal Trainer in California, Florida, and New Mexico;

• Private practice specializing in Ancient Healing Modalities;

• Life-long student, practitioner, and instructor of multiple martial arts disciplines;

• Creator and instructor of the 358 course, which teaches a modern Martial Art based on cosmic principles of the "Three Circles, Five Phases and the Eight Trigrams";

• Utilizes herbal Martial Arts plasters and liniments to expedite the healing process for trauma or injuries;

• Provides instruction in Tai Chi, Nei Gong and Qi Gong to restore youthfulness and vitality for patients and Martial Arts students.

Founder of the 358 Health and Combat System & Video Course

A new System of health and combat based on the Golden Ratio and the cosmic forces

Embark on a transformative journey through the 358 video course, which unveils a revolutionary System of Health and Combat rooted in the Golden Ratio and cosmic forces.

In just a single seminar, students gain a wealth of knowledge surpassing what would typically take 20 years of traditional study in the realm of Internal and Martial Arts.

As a practitioner, you will cultivate a comprehensive understanding of the core principles that underpin this System. Explore the fundamental elements and principles that govern all movements and postures in Martial Arts and Mind-Body Practices, unveiling the intricacies and wisdom they hold.

This course offers an unparalleled opportunity to expand your expertise and transform your understanding of empowering health and combat practices.

Coming soon...

*True Humans - Ancient L’nu, the Way of Heaven.

Dr. deWolfe can be reached at


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